Sportsfeld 74 - Wild Card Win

October 5, 2016

It's Sportsfeld 74 and if you know your numerology you know that this episode has been scripted by the occult. 

In this episode Blake Murphy joins the show to look back at the Blue Jays win in the American League Wild Card game. 

Sportsfeld 73 - Wild Card Ready

October 3, 2016

It's Sportsfeld 73! 

On this episode the entire discussion is about getting ready for the Toronto Blue Jays Wild Card game against the Baltimore Orioles! There is some contemplative sighing and some worried humming. But hey it's all random so what can anybody really do about it? Just listen. 

Sportsfeld 72 - Panic? There’s no panic.

September 20, 2016

The band is back together as Devang Desai returns to talk about the Toronto Blue Jays slide from AL East leaders to four back with a dozen to play. 

We're not panicking if we're just calmly talking ourselves out of things. 

Sportsfeld 71 - The Mustard Episode with Blake Murphy

September 3, 2016

It's Friday night at 2am on a long weekend, which our special advisors have told us is the greatest possible time to absolutely dominate traffic on this episode. 

Blake Murphy stops by to talk about the Blue Jays, Kaepernick, and the Raptors offseason. Plus maybe we have a sponsor! 

02:50 - Blue Jays road trip to Baltimore 
09:48 - Colin Kaepernick sits out the anthem
16:50 - Toronto Raptors offseason and front office moves
35:37 - Listener questions
01:48:55 (lol) - Sad / Not Sad

Sportsfeld 70 - Olympics

August 19, 2016

It's Sportsfeld 70! 

Melissa Couto (@Throwinsmoke) joins the show to talk about the Summer Olympics and the prevalence of women's athletes making news, as well as a little bit of Blue Jays talk. Plus, as always, listener questions and Sad/Not Sad. 

00:01:20 - The viral charcuterie photo
00:03:50 - The Olympics and Canada's dominant women
00:26:30 - The Blue Jays 6-man rotation / injury concerns
00:31:50 - Listener Questions
01:04:04 - Sad / Not Sad

Sportsfeld 69 - Don’t even say it

August 1, 2016

It's Sportsfeld 69! 

We look back at the moves made by the Blue Jays and around the MLB at the trade deadline. Trades for Francisco Liriano, Scott Feldman, and Melvin Upton Jr, as well as the Rangers loading up and the Yankees being sellers. 

00:00:38 - Advertising secrets / Blue Jays trade deadline
00:17:58 - Rangers, Yankees, NL trades
00:29:09 - Listener questions
00:57:46 - Sad / Not Sad

Sportsfeld 68 - Golden State Wario

July 6, 2016

Comedian / Curler / Teacher / Podcaster John Cullen joins us after travelling all the way from Vancouver to talk about Kevin Durant choosing to join the Golden State Warriors, the state of the NHL, and answer a bunch of questions. 

00:05:00 - Kevin Durant chooses Golden State
00:21:00 - DeMar resigns in Toronto
00:23:20 - Stamkos / Maple Leafs / NHL
00:36:18 - McDavid 
00:43:30 - Listener Questions
01:31:45 - Sad / Not Sad / How does John do it?

Sportsfeld 67 - West Coast Special

June 28, 2016

Patreon subscriber Dave Burrows recorded a podcast with Devang from a bar in Vancouver and for a lack of anything better to do with that audio we edited it and posted it as the Sportsfeld West Coast Special. Congrats to both of them for recording an episode that is the actual length of most podcasts! 

02:20 - Auston Matthews / NHL Draft
11:45 - Blue Jays
17:40 - A shot of whiskey
17:50 - Canadian Championship (TFC vs Whitecaps) (Soccer) 
22:50 - Listener Questions
37:00 - Sad / Not Sad

Thanks to Dave and his local bar for putting this out, and if you want to be a patreon subscriber like Dave is, visit

Sportsfeld 66 - Lebrin Yamis

June 22, 2016

The boys are back in town! Devang Desai joins the show on his birthday to talk about LeBron James, the Stanley Cup, a Maple Leafs trade, Euro 2016, Baseball trips and more! 

00:03:30 - NBA Finals
00:21:55 - Stanley Cup
00:26:00 - Maple Leafs trade for Frederik Andersen
00:35:10 - Blue Jays 
00:39:27 - Euro 2016
00:42:20 - Listener Questions
00:14:48 - Sad / Not Sad

Vacation Announcement

June 12, 2016

Your Boy the Zubes is on vacation in the United States of America, so he won't be around to record the show this week. 

For Patreon Subscribers, he'll be chronicling the trips to Pittsburgh, Washington, Philadelphia, and Baltimore so check your emails for the updates all week. Sign up at to get in on it