Sportsfeld - Episode 49

December 21, 2015

Jake and Zubes are joined by Devang to drink 12 beers before 4pm and talk the best and worst things of 2015, listener questions, and Sad/Not Sad. 

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0:00:00 - Favourite/Least favourite things of 2015
0:37:17 - Listener Questions
1:11:48 - Sad/Not Sad

Sportsfeld - Episode 48

December 15, 2015

Jake and Zubes are joined by the always lovely Lauren Mitchell to talk sports boyfriends, why Serena Williams is a better athlete than a horse, Star Wars, listener questions, Sad/Not Sad and just so much more. 

0:00:39 - Intro/Comedic Riffing
0:16:33 - Sports Boyfriends
0:24:51 - Serena Williams vs. A Horse
0:34:36 - Listener Questions
1:17:33 - Sad/Not Sad 
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Sportsfeld - Episode 47

December 9, 2015

Zubes and Jake are back with another episode and this time they've got Jacob Kraemer with them. We talked Greinke, the Blue Jays (of course), Kobe, the Warriors, listener questions, and, of course, Sad/Not Sad. 

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TIMESTAMPS (This is new):
Intro - 0:00:00
Following Your Dreams Don't Pay Your Rent - 04:04
Greinke, Blue Jays - 14:45
Kobe - 23:25
The Warriors - 31:12
Listener Questions - 39:51
Sad/Not Sad - 1:16:36

Sportsfeld - Episode 46

December 1, 2015

A Very Sober Episode as Zubes and Jake talk David Price signing with the Red Sox, David Price signing with the Red Sox, and David Price signing with the Red Sox.